TLC Cancer & Illness Support

     You have heard the scariest words you have ever imagined.  You or your loved one has been diagnosed with Cancer or dire Illness.  

What's next? 

      There are so many changes occurring in the physical person but also in the emotional, mental, and spiritual person.  Envision Hypnosis addresses the whole person.  The strongest medicine is a positive mindset -- healthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors necessary to promote healing and a healthy awareness of the PRESENT.

     This support is available in single, 4, 8, and 12 session packages.  Linda Lee understands the hardships during this time and has drastically reduced the cost of these packages.

Mental Health

-Mindsets-Focus-Brain Fog-Stress-


Mind-body medicine includes techniques that link physical health with psychological wellness. Think of it as your immune system “eavesdropping” on your internal or psychological environment. When your mind and spirit are healthy, your energy can be directed toward physical healing and recovery. During hypnosis  you turn limited self-beliefs into empowered mindsets which provide an unlimited supply of power for change, growth and healing.

From early diagnostic testing (procedures for biopsy, MRI, etc) through treatment therapies (surgery, radiography, infusion, etc) hypnosis serves to reduce anesthesia, drugs, and side effects.  Your hypnotist can assist chair and bedside as well as with house calls as needed.

Physical Health


-Pain-Taste Temperature & Lifestyle Changes

EMotional Health




The emotional state is integral to the body's physical health.  The body seeks balance at all times; Homeostasis. Hypnosis provides you with tools for your toolbox to lower anxiety, fear or convert negative emotions to positive constructive empowered emotions providing balance and control.

Our society is very fearful of illness and death. Consequently, most people  avoid conversations and experiences associated with it.  However, at Envision Hypnosis you will find a caring, patient, and

non-judgemental "ear".  It is your time here.  A gift from self to self for healing, balancing, rejuvenating, and maybe even some venting!  

It's a safe place amidst the chaos.

Spiritual Health

-Anger-Belief Systems-Fear-Prayer Life-


-Resolution-Hospice Support-

Today, I choose joy--

When I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia, Linda Lee (LiLee to me) said "I'll be with you for the long haul" and she has been.  She has whispered in my ear and held my hand during many Bone Marrow biopsies (blocking the pain), my transplant (14 hours--balancing temperature and stopping nausea), over a year of infusion therapies, good news and bad, and she held me through the really hard decisions.  I even trusted her to shave my head!!  We have laughed, cried, and screamed together.  I couldn't have gotten this far without her. 

She improved the quality of my life.

Trish Smith

Love in Memoriam

I would like to share my love and gratitude to Trish Smith for the honor and opportunity to go through her journey with her from diagnosis to her transition August 4, 2016.  

"You remain my teacher, friend, and inspiration.  Soar high with peace.


Fly gently into the mystic, you beautiful soul.  It was a blast walking beside you."


Linda Lee Plank-Morgan, BCH, CI
Board Certified Hypnotist & NGH Instructor
Healthcare Support Hypnotist &  Lifestyle Engineer
Advanced Certifications: 
Medical, Pain, Cancer Support Hypnosis
Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis
Forensic, PTSD, and Grief Hypnosis
Testing, & Academic Hypnosis
Self-Hypnosis & Self-Belief Instructor
Omni c UltraHeight Practitioner
Relapse Prevention Specialist
National Guild of Hypnotists
International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Calvert County Chamber of Commerce
Calvert County Women 2 Women
Calvert County Public Schools Mentor/Advisory Board
Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce
Envision Hypnosis of Southern MD, LLC  2014 c
596 Wilson Road
Huntingtown, MD 20639
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**DISCLAIMER** Results may vary from person to person.  We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic and coaching techniques for your situation.  Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are not meant to diagnose or treat disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, education and motivation that will help you to live to your best potential and to guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.
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