Envision Yourself Healthy

Weight Loss Program

Your Hypnotist lost 64# with hypnosis and has kept it off for nearly 4 years!!!  And I'm still losing!


"Diets only work temporarily because as soon as we drop the regimen the old eating habits come back and so does the weight.  Hypnosis allows you to go to the 'reason' why you eat too much, keep eating when you are no longer hungry, or emotionally eat to fill voids in your life. This is a change from deep within and it really worked for me."    Linda Lee

Pull out the Parka and Gloves

Envision Yourself Healthy

  • Reorganize your closet and drawers

  • Toss anything you won't wear 2021

  • Eat healthy seasonal food and save $

  • Call for your appointment

  • Hit the woods and breathe deeply

  • Purge the clutter from the house

  • Busy your hands -- be creative

  • Walk in the sunshine and the snow!

  • New metabolism with fresh foods

  • Learn Mindful Eating

  • Let's go to the source and rewire

Your Hypnotist has 

lost 86# with

Envision Yourself Healthy

5 Easy Steps to a

Healthy Weight & Lifestyle

Healthy isn't thin.  Healthy isn't a goal.

Healthy is a way of living.

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Step One

Silence the Inner Critic

Take control over your food choices, portions, bingeing, grazing, and emotional eating.  Silence the inner negotiations by releasing the coping strategies of the past. 

Successful completion of Step one is required before steps 2-5.

Step Two

Virtual Gastric Band

The application of a virtual gastric band tricks the subconscious into believing the reservoir of the stomach is now much smaller.  This allows you to reduce your portions comfortably allowing the stomach to return to its natural healthy size and state.

Step Three

The EYH Protocol

Eat less, move more, and drink water.

That's it.  Re-wire your brain to these healthy behaviors. We keep it simple to keep it going!  You will learn how to use the Magic Question, Fork Down Method, and determine exactly when your have reached your natural fill line.

Step Four

Edit Your Food Plan

Customize your food plan for life by reducing and/or eliminating your problematic foods and drinks.  You will learn about the dangers of refined foods and sweeteners, gluten, and flour.  Then you will choose...

YOUR new food lifestyle. 

Step Five

Bring it all together

Now we put it all into action and reinforce the new wiring through repetition.  We will tweak challenges, establish new tools, and gain confidence and control.  When embraced with love and honor of self, the program is logical and easy.


The Pantry Cleanse

Karen Schatz Croll, Wellness Garden Coach INHC, will assist you in a virtual 3 video pantry cleanse.  Learn to use labels and identify wholesome ingredients. 

All discarded items can be donated to the Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry. 


Each session builds on the last to create a new lifestyle.

The number of sessions needed to achieve your goals must be 

based on your individual needs, history, and goals.

Fully committed you can expect to lose 4-7# the 1st week and 1-3# there after.  
They say "Slow and STEADY wins the race".
BUT... weight loss and reprogramming isn't a race!  
It's a journey of self-awareness, healing, and empowerment!
Step one: you will gain self-awareness over old habits and love the power to choose differently.
Step two: you will feel new energy, less hunger, less cravings, and you'll WANT to move.
Step three:  you will get another big boost of energy and will see the inches shed away!
Step four: you will wonder why you put off healthy choices for so long~
your perspective will radically shift about food, movement and self-tending.
Many clients say "I feel like I am finally adulting!"
Step five: you will embrace your new authentic life and the identity of "I choose to honor me".
Bonus: You will begin to see the food industry, additives, sugar, fake food etc.
clearly and seek healthier alternatives.  
"I am absolutely confident you can re-wire your brain from the old coping strategies created in the past
to healthier behaviors and mindsets serving your present and future goals; your quality of life will improve
and you will maintain these changes for life!  It's not a diet; its a way of living!"  Linda Lee

No More Sweets!  

"I want to say that I appreciate the help that Linda Lee has given me.  I am really seeing a difference in the way I think about food especially sweets. She is a genuine person, easy to talk with and sincere in her wish to help people.  I will definitely recommend her to anyone needing a little reprogramming or in search of an easier way to get through a road block to personal success!"   Lisa A.

Healthier Envision Clients


I can't believe how much has changed!  I actually walked down the junk food aisles and wanted NONE of it!! I was a sugar addict, some sweets but mostly chips and carbs.  By removing about 85% of the junk- the weight fell off me.  I lost 7# the first week! and 2-3# every week since.  I'm down 82#!!! I have 35# to go but I don't dwell on numbers now (Linda Lee says scales are for fishes not for folk! Scales LIE)  Now I LOVE to choose REAL FOOD.  Salt and Sugar is too much I love the flavors of REAL FRESH FOOD.  I play with recipes. I am helping my whole family lose weight and be healthier.  We plan and cook together!  Sounds cheezy but it's true, we all are closer because we are active together.



Dr said I needed to lose 150# before I could get new knees.  So I called Linda Lee for the Gastric Band.  When I started working with her it became clear that I had repressed childhood trauma that led to failed marriages (I see the connection now) and the "dead weight" as she called it wouldn't budge.  My past was preventing me from making healthy choices; I didn't think I was worthy.  I blamed myself and was punishing myself with food.  When I unloaded this pain, the weight seemed to turn to liquid.  I lost 85# in 9 months.  My dr is thrilled and refers to her now!  My knees are hurting less without the weight.  I started working in my workshop again!  Thanks Linda



I came to Linda Lee because I was desperate.  It was my last chance before a surgery that I couldn't afford and it scared me.  I was always the fat girl. I hated my body and myself for being too weak to change it.  Little did I know the reason I couldn't change it was BECAUSE I hated me.  No one gives up sugar for people they HATE!  I was driving myself in a really self-destructive cycle.  I had become diabetic and felt bad all the time.  It's been a long process because I was so stubborn but then one session I just got it!

I had to Like Me to do the right things FOR Me.  Step one saved my life. I'm worthy of healthy choices.  I'm worthy of a smaller waist!  I'm 58# less, no longer a diabetic and I LOVE ME.  LJ

Linda Lee Plank-Morgan, BCH, CI
Board Certified Hypnotist & NGH Instructor
Healthcare Support Hypnotist &  Lifestyle Engineer
Advanced Certifications: 
Medical, Pain, Cancer Support Hypnosis
Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis
Forensic, PTSD, and Grief Hypnosis
Testing, & Academic Hypnosis
Self-Hypnosis & Self-Belief Instructor
Omni c UltraHeight Practitioner
Relapse Prevention Specialist
National Guild of Hypnotists
International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Calvert County Chamber of Commerce
Calvert County Women 2 Women
Calvert County Public Schools Mentor/Advisory Board
Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce
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Huntingtown, MD 20639
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