Speaking Events

Linda Lee offers a 20 minute "What IS Hypnosis Anyway?" speech free

to your business or group!  (20 miles included)

Consider hosting an event for your business, class, organization, group or friends. 

All events are customized to fit your budget and time constraints.  

Choose a topic and make it happen for YOU and YOURS.

Silence Your

Inner Critic

Do you have Self-Opinions

that Block Your Success??

Our past can influence our thoughts, feelings, choices and behaviors.  

Learn how to identify the Past's negative filters, opinions, and behavior patterns that create a FALSE you in the present.

Release the OLD way of doing things and step into your TRUE IDENTITY.



for Self-Improvement

Did you know you hypnotize yourself

every 4 minutes all day long??

Hypnosis is a natural ability we are born with and we use it in so many ways without awareness.  Why not learn ways to USE it to improve productivity, focus, peace of mind, confidence, or sleep?!  

Be a Host!

Host one of the above classes or 

Pick a topic from below!

Host an event with your friends, club or organization or staff.

Host's ticket is a gift.  Door shared.

A great alternative to the typical Girls'/Couples Night Idea!

    Whether you are a large corporation, local business, governmental agency, or community organization, Envision Hypnosis can customize programs for you according to your specific needs, budget, and size.  Meeting formats are flexible: from 30 minute talks to all day workshops, weekend seminars, or on-going group or individual sessions--anything is possible. 

   Wellness programs have proven to increase profits and productivity by reducing errors, absenteeism, and insurance costs. Attendees have stated they feel more valued when provided help programs for weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, and self-esteem building.

   Whether you have a staff or membership of 1 or 300+, you can immediately reap the rewards of happier and healthier employees and members.


Host a Self-Beliefs workshop

Enhance productivity with effective communication and performance through an empowered self-esteem. 

Stress Management

Learn tools and

self-hypnosis techniques to reduce stress and de-compress.  Accomplish more through balance.

Peak Performance

Acquire valuable tools for focus, prioritization, and time management.

Turn procrastination into manifestation.

Performance Anxiety

Acquire valuable tools to squash fears and anxieties in their tracks.

Gain confidence and poise.

Smoking Cessation

 Stop lost productivity to breaks and exposure to second-hand smoke.

Give the gift of healthier lungs.

Weight Loss

Help staff lose weight by re-wiring

the brain to healthier eating habits, food choices, and exercise.

Linda Lee is an amazingly kind, warm, genuine human being, and a wonderful hypnotist. Whether you're struggling with weight issues, smoking, pain, addiction, or self confidence, Linda Lee can help. Give her a call today...you'll be glad you did! Mike Long--Roseville Hypnotherapy

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     We would like to thank you for attending our retreat & speaking with all our wonderful patients.  You did such an amazing job and patients are still speaking about their sessions.  The retreat turned out beautifully and we couldn't have done it without you.  


The Center for Breast Care Team

Sheldon Goldberg Breast Care Center

Calvert Memorial Hospital

Linda Lee Plank-Morgan, BCH, CI
Board Certified Hypnotist & NGH Instructor
Healthcare Support Hypnotist &  Lifestyle Engineer
Advanced Certifications: 
Medical, Pain, Cancer Support Hypnosis
Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis
Forensic, PTSD, and Grief Hypnosis
Testing, & Academic Hypnosis
Self-Hypnosis & Self-Belief Instructor
Omni c UltraHeight Practitioner
Relapse Prevention Specialist
National Guild of Hypnotists
International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Calvert County Chamber of Commerce
Calvert County Women 2 Women
Calvert County Public Schools Mentor/Advisory Board
Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce
Envision Hypnosis of Southern MD, LLC  2014 c
596 Wilson Road
Huntingtown, MD 20639
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