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Envision Hypnosis IS open and virtually serving new and established clients in 10 countries and 19 states!


into your change

Linda Lee Plank-Morgan, BCH, CI


Linda Lee is a Board Certified Healthcare Support Hypnotist and Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists, as well as, a certified Mindful Living Coach.

Linda Lee uses a brain-science approach called neuroplasticity and her own simple method to help her clients permanently break free from old thoughts, feelings, and/or behavioral patterns by going to the "source" where the wiring resides.

"You are not weak!  You are wired!"...

She then teaches tools to interrupt and redirect those neural pathways with new thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  With repetition, you create healthier default settings or habits.


Be free of your past without the need to "talk it out" or "re-live it!  

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Being Proud LGBTQ+ rainbow flag on a whi
Proud to serve my community with inclusivity and kindness.
Envision Yourself Healthy

Linda Lee has shed 92# and improved her overall health.

Envision Yourself Healthy Weight Loss Program.

Get HEALTHY not thin!

Break Free From Anxiety

Break the cycle of anxiety

and experience control over thoughts, feelings, behaviors

and physical reactions.

Anxiety can become a Habit!

"I'm a NON-smoker!"

You were not born a smoker.  

How old were you when you began? It is THAT memory telling you to continue. You can...

Resume Your TRUE Identity!!

Silence the Inner Critic

Do you hear an inner negotiator influencing thoughts, feelings, reactions and choices? 

You CAN override it!

Free Yourself from the Past!

Linda Lee's 1-on-1 Sessions are Life Changing! 

Overcome anxiety, habits, fears, obstacles and annoying self-limiting beliefs. 

You will leave with the:

  • motivation for productivity vs procrastination

  • ability to overcome your saboteur at that moment of critical choice

  • self-control to respond rather than react

  • confidence to trust your abilities and desire to set goals

  • tools you need to refocus, relax, and still your mind.

  • freedom to be who you are instead of who you have been!

Clients are able to release the "old negative stories" that have become a false identity.

Learn how to leap into YOUR visions for tomorrow with long-lasting results!

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Illness & Quality of Life
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Learn tools and strategies to reduce pain, heal, and increase your quality of life using release therapies, mindful living and visualization and hypnosis.

Free to be Happy Again!

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Procrastination is a result of our fear of failure/success, being judged, need for perfection and/or control and our perceived value.

Step into productivity with ease!

Habits and Choices
Young woman running in wheel on light ba

Gain the ability to identify and override your own brain's wiring while re-programming it with more productive and healthier default settings.

Hop off the hamster wheel! 

A.B.C.s. for Students
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Students reach their true potential with healthy A.B.C.s.  Give them the best advantage in all aspects of their school term.

Designed for students 10-adult.

A.B.C.s. for excellence!



I began seeing Linda a few months ago, and it was the best decision I ever made for myself.  She has helped me in so many ways and has allowed me to look at all things so differently.  She is so amazing!  

What are you waiting for??? 

Invest in yourself and be free of the baggage of your life.


Hypnosis has opened my eyes, heart, and mind to the real me.  It awakened a good, healthy, happy part of me that I never knew existed.  With hypnosis, I was able to purge an ugliness from my childhood and carry on with life without guilt and pain.  I has helped me regain my confidence and taught me how to love me again, no matter what size/shape I am.  Hypnosis has changed my life and I am eternally grateful to Linda Lee & her skills as a professional healthcare hypnotist. 


I did not struggle through the day

thinking about cigarettes.  It was so much easier with hypnosis. 

No patches. 

I didn't want to eat everything in sight.  The cravings disappeared with the tools and I was amazed how they just stopped on their own. 

I am a NON-smoker again!

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