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Client's Stories

     We would like to thank you for attending our retreat & speaking with all our wonderful patients.  You did such an amazing job and patients are still speaking about their sessions.  The retreat turned out beautifully and we couldn't have done it without you.  


The Center for Breast Care Team

Sheldon Goldberg Breast Care Center

Calvert Memorial Hospital


I see me

I've dieted my whole life but they never really worked.  I've dated my whole life but couldn't stay in a relationship.  I've worked for perfection my whole life but couldn't achieve it.  Then I called Envision Hypnosis.  I found out the problem wasn't the diets, the men, my ability to perform, or even who I was.  It was who I THOUGHT I WAS.  Hypnosis helped me change my VIEW of me.  It was like taking two steps to the RIGHT.  I could finally see clearly, accurately.  I began to feel in control, capable and worthy of love and respect.  I demand it from me now!

Thanks Linda Lee!  She really cares. 

 Sara P

I hated my body but wanted to love myself at the same time. It was really confusing.  I didn't know how to break the cycle of Hate>eat>shed>eat>gain>hate.... 

Linda Lee understood. 

She helped ME understand. She gave me the inner eyes I needed to see the difference between why and how I did things in the past (past self) and how The Present Me really wanted an active healthy lifestyle.  Now, I'm in charge. I released the old ways of seeing and rewarding myself with food. I was really punishing me for not being perfect.

I AM IN CHARGE now and found out great things about me! I actually enjoy moving! I enjoy fresh healthy foods. I love feeling proud of me. I reward me with so much more now! EVERYDAY.  No more conditions on my self-love.


Fat Woman weight loss running on treadmi


For the first time I am living a life free from anxiety.

Oh sure, when triggered I might feel:

my gut drop, my heart speed up, my breathing go shallow.

But I no longer feel the panic that would follow.

Now, I know there is nothing wrong with me!

My brain was reacting to what it saw as danger.

Problem is deadlines and intimacy aren't danger.

I can reason the difference now.  I CAN control the responses!

Linda Lee, in 6 sessions, changed my life forever!


I CAN PREVENT ANXIETY from taking over me.

She assured me "work the tools, so the tools can work for you".

She was right and patient. I was skeptical and resistant to believing anything would ever work for me. 

She loves skeptics. 

She loves what she does and she's really good at it! 

If this skeptic, can now give presentations, sleep peacefully, and even start dating anxiety-free ... then ANY ONE can be free of anxiety.

The best advice I ever got was to call Envision Hypnosis.

I'm passing on the same advice!


Linda Lee is an amazingly kind, warm, genuine human being, and a wonderful hypnotist.  Whether you're struggling with weight issues, smoking, pain, addiction, or self-confidence, Linda Lee can help.  Give her a call today.  You'll be glad you did! 

Mike Long

Roseville Hypnotherapy

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