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Breathe Away Anxiety
Improvement and moving concept with a go

Tools 4 Change

We are made of water.

Born from water.

Then we breathe, deeply.

Water and Breath

Doing the same thing

expecting different result?

Change will be so much better!



 Information about the Water Drop Meditation

Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing 5-60 minutes 1-3x daily

stops and even prevents anxiety by stimulating the Vagus nerve which sends an "ALL is WELL" signal to the brain. 

Meditation allows you to slide into your subconscious mind

(Self-Hypnosis) so you can train your brain to stop:

  • wandering

  • cravings

  • negotiation

  • fixation and rumination

  • freeze, fight or flight cycling that causes anxiety.

How to Use the Water Drop Meditation

  • Read directions then scroll back up to use the meditation.

  • Watch the droplet enter the water.  Stare at this point of entry.

  • Place one hand on heart and one on belly.

  • Inhale in nose for 4 counts (fill lungs from bottom to top)

  • Exhale from mouth for 6 counts (empty lungs from top to bottom)

  • Repeat slowly stretching the exhale up to your comfortable number

  • 4/6 4/8 4/10 4/12 and so on.  

  • Each time you mediate increase your exhale number.

  • As your mind wanders, gently bring it back to re-focus on the water drop, the air exchange, the belly, the numbers.

Release & Relaxation Recordings

We are made of water.

Born from water.

Then we breathe, deeply.

By the 

water's Edge

By the Water's Edge: Recordings to Soothe & Heal

  • Envision yourself standing at the water's edge.  The waves come up and over your feet. 

  • Choose a recording.  Turn it on.  Scroll back up to listen and watch the water.

  • Add deep breathing (4 in/6 out) to increase relaxation.

  • Use throughout the day as needed.  Do not try to stay awake during the PM session.  The subconscious never sleeps.

Healing Waters Morning

Morning release work...

Envision releasing the need for sugar, pain, or anxiety! 

Release whatever you desire to prepare you for a better day.

Healing Waters AM - LindaLeePlank-Morgan, BCH, CI

Healing Waters Bedtime

Bedtime release work...

Envision releasing the thoughts, feelings, and events of the day!  Release whatever you desire to prepare you for better sleep.

Healing Waters PM - LindaLeePlank-Morgan, BCH, CI



A quick 2.5 minute recording designed to help you at work.

Fresh focus, break fatigue, stop anxiety, release emotions, or

simply relax at the water's edge.

Oceanside Meditation - LindaLeePlank-Morgan, BCH, CI

Just the Waves


If you prefer to use the water's edge as a meditation device, try this Waves Only background.  Add the Deep Breathing above and drift within your mind. Wow

Waves Only - Sleep Bug App
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