What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis Is:

An Ability Every Person Has at Birth

  • We hypnotize ourselves on average every 4 minutes all day long ! 

  • All Hypnosis is Self-hypnosis

  • Hypnosis isn't done TO you -- you do it to you 

  • You hypnotize yourself every night as you go to sleep

  • Hypnosis happens when:  you get in the zone, tune out voices or sounds,  you, go inward to think of a word, drive, or read a book!

Hypnosis is the ability to Focus!

By learning how to use this ability, you can:

relieve yourself of stress and anxiety,

stop inner negotiations and sabotaging behaviors, and

turn off the inner critics that convince you not to try 

Hypnosis is a powerful and easy modality for successfully rewiring your brain.


Training Programs and Upcoming Classes

Due to the pandemic, there are no in-person group trainings or events currently scheduled.
If you are interested in earning your hypnotist certification, wellness or mindful living events for your staff, organization, or group, please contact me for great ideas and a quote!

Board Certified Healthcare Support Hypnotist

Certified Instructor and Mindful Living Coach

Medical, Pain, Cancer Support Hypnosis
Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis
Forensic, PTSD, and Grief Hypnosis
Testing, & Academic Hypnosis
Hypnotist Training & Mindful Living Instructor
UltraHeight c Practitioner
Relapse Prevention Specialist
National Guild of Hypnotists
International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Calvert County Chamber of Commerce
Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce
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**DISCLAIMER** Results may vary from person to person.  We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic and coaching techniques for your situation.  Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are not meant to diagnose or  treat disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, education and motivation that will help you to live to your best potential and to guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself. No information from this site is stored.

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