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Silence the Inner Critic

Silence Your Inner Critics

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Silence Your Inner Critics

Getting fed-up with the inner negotiators?

  • Do you tell yourself "don't rock the boat" ?

  • Is decision making or commiting scary?

  • Does criticism feel like a personal attack?

  • Do you say yes when you want to say no?

  • Do you talk yourself out of things you desire?

  • Are you able to be the best version of yourself?

Learn how to override the inner voices that manipulate, sabotage and influence your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and decisions. 

  • Release the old patterns

  • Take control of your mind

  • Be the YOU you want to be

  • Make choices that serve you

Woman Comfort Zone (Anxiety, Failure, De


I see me

I've dieted my whole life but they never really worked.  I've dated my whole life but couldn't stay in a relationship.  I've worked for perfection my whole life but couldn't achieve it.  Then I called Envision Hypnosis.  I found out the problem wasn't the diets, the men, my ability to perform, or even who I was.  It was who I THOUGHT I WAS.  Hypnosis helped me change my VIEW of me.  It was like taking two steps to the RIGHT.  I could finally see  me clearly accurately.  I began to feel in

control and capable and worthy of love and respect. Positive self talk and boundaries!

Thanks Linda Lee!  You really care. 




Beautiful young woman is thinking about

Break Free from Anxiety

  • Is anxiety robbing you of personal and professional opportunities?

  • Is it effecting your relationships?

  • Are you unable to be the best version of yourself?

Hypnosis goes to the source of anxiety to stop the cycle

Our brain has two neural hard wires, the need to survive and the need to belong. 

Survival triggers Freeze Fight or Flight

The Perception of not belonging triggers Anxiety

Learn to break the cycle of anxiety and strategies to prevent it once and for all!


I have learned many lessons in my work with Linda Lee, not the least of them is the awareness that all experiences have value and merit. 

They are the essential tools for growth and development.  If one learns to listen very closely; you will hear the true messages in painful life lessons. 

I have begun to accept the necessity of bearing pain and understand that in time it will bring grace.  I no longer fear or dread but accept the necessity of all experiences. 

Thank you Linda Lee. 

-Dr. N-

illness man.jpg

I came to Envision Hypnosis because my brain wouldn't stop!  I couldn't sleep.  I couldn't focus.  I kept replaying experiences, conversations, and scenarios in my head; exhausting.  After ONE session, I was sleeping.  After TWO, I felt stronger and more in control.  I am still kind of amazed that I could have so much change happen in my own head in 4 weeks.  I'm calm, focused, finish projects, and even started to exercise again.  I've stopped junk food.  Everyone is asking about my changes!  I tell them YOU HAVE TO TRY HYPNOSIS! 

Linda Lee gave me a new life.



I could not remember a day in my life when I didn't feel anxiety and fear.

Linda Lee gave me very effective tools to use everyday to stop the sweats, heart racing, and those feelings of doom. What really changed my life was she slowed down my thoughts. It always  felt like my brain looping. I was beginning to have daily headaches and back pain. I now have peace and control. The fear is rare.  I sleep. The headaches and muscle pain is gone. I'm more involved with my kids, more active and my husband and I are dating again!  I'm so glad I called Envision Hypnosis.


Weight Loss


Envision Yourself Healthy 

Healthy is a mindset not a destination

"Weight loss" is merely a diet but 

"Healthy" is a balance of the WHOLE person on all levels:

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual

The Envision Your Yourself Healthy Protocol*

addresses each level of you providing effective and life-lasting results!

The number of sessions required is always based on the individual; 

the investment in time, energy, commitment, and your use of tools

will determine your loss rate and overall success.

Healthy motivational quotes on the sunse

Your Hypnotist has lost 96# with the
Envision Yourself Healthy Protocol

The Envision Yourself Healthy Protocol

is a result of my own journey.

I realized:

  • My weight was a physical manifestation of my emotional state.

  • Food was an OLD emotional coping tool but it didn't have to continue to be.

  • I had a lot of triggers but I didn't have to stay helpless to the reactions.

  • I had painful stuff but failing myself every day hurt more.

  • I wasn't stuck! Through awareness and retraining my brain I could create

  • effective tools and strategies to lose weight but were sustainable for life.

My food no longer feeds my emotions... food is just fuel and medicine.

We must treat the WHOLE person if we want health, happiness, and peace.

Linda Lee

The Source

Silence the Inner Critics

for confidence & control

Woman Comfort Zone (Anxiety, Failure, De


The Virtual Gastric Band

for Portion Control

gastricband copy.jpg

Mindful Eating

Eating awareness for

comfortable weight loss

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes

Foods for Life

Create YOUR Food Plan

for Healing vs Injury


Muscle Matters

Create YOUR plan

for movement & flexibility

Image by Janeth Emiret

Plan 2 Prep Success

Meal Planning & Batch Cooking for

Weight Loss & Time/Financial Gain

Home cooked meal.jpg

The Love of Self

Learn the fine art of self tending and body acceptance for peace of mind and empowerment

Group of women of different race, figure

Mindful Living

Being present in the present for

mind-body balance and well-being

Image by Anastasiya Yilmaz

All the Extras

Recordings, Manual, Resource Materials

self-hypno 2.jpg

What is included in Your customized EYH program?


I can't believe how much has changed! 

I actually walk down the junk food aisles and want NONE of it!! I was a sugar addict, some sweets but mostly chips and carbs.  By removing about 85% of the junk- the weight fell off me.  I lost 7# the first week and 2-3# every week since. I'm down 82#!!! I have 35# to go but I don't dwell on numbers now (Linda Lee says "scales are for fishes not for folk!" Scales LIE)  Now I LOVE to choose REAL FOOD.  Salt and Sugar is too much I love the flavors of REAL FRESH FOOD.  I play with recipes. I am helping my whole family lose weight and be healthier.  We plan and cook together!  Sounds cheesy but it's true, we are closer because we are active together.



My doctor said if I wanted new knees I had to lose 150#, so I called Linda Lee for the Gastric Band.

When I started working with her, it became clear that I had unresolved old childhood trauma that led to failed marriages; I can see the connection now. This "dead weight", as she called it, wouldn't budge. My past was preventing me from making healthy choices; I didn't think I was worthy. I blamed myself and was punishing myself with food. When I released this pain, the weight seemed to turn to liquid.  I lost 85# in 9 months.  My doctor was thrilled and refers to her now!  My knees are hurting less now. I was able to put off the surgery and even started working in my workshop again!  Thanks Linda.



I came to Linda Lee because I was desperate. It was a last ditch effort to avoid a surgery that I couldn't afford and really scared me.  I was always the fat girl. I hated my body and myself for being too weak to change it.  Little did I know the reason I couldn't change it was BECAUSE I hated me.  No one gives up sugar for people they HATE!  I was in a really ugly destructive cycle.  I had become diabetic and felt bad all the time.  It felt like a long process because I was so stubborn. But, one session I just got it...I had to Like Me to do the right things FOR Me.  Step one saved my life. I'm worthy of healthy choices.  I'm worthy of a smaller waist!  I'm 58# less, no longer a diabetic and I LOVE ME. Call Linda Lee now; she's the best!


I'm a NON-smoker

I'm a NON-smoker!

Stop Negative Hypnosis

Plant the Facts Instead!

You were born a NON-smoker

Your original identity is a NON-smoker

A younger you began the habit to belong

The adult you can stop it to live and belong

1st Session: Become a NON-smoker again

2nd Session: Tweak the challenges

You will be expected to listen to recordings 2+/day and use tools provided daily for success.

"There are MANY cheaper hotel group or single sessions out there. They are now my clients!"

2 sessions for $597.00  (up to 5 hours)

Come back free if you smoke again! (60 min)


FACT: Smoking is a social and behavioral habit; not addiction

FACT: Nicotine leaves your body faster than Ibuprofen; it's why you step out so often

FACT: First 8 hours the body sheds over 80% of the nicotine. You restart the habit every morning on the other side of withdrawal

FACT: It is not a craving; it's the brain reacting to its timer!

FACT: Smoking does not stop stress; it CAUSES anxiety.

Each puff shrinks the arteries raising your blood pressure to force the blood to the oxygen starved brain; lack of oxygen feels like calm... but the body is struggling to survive. This triggers brain chemistry for fight/flight. 

FACT: Two hours later, the agitation you feel is not the body's need for the next cigarette; it is because of the last one! You feel the chemicals leaving your body.  Let this happen and see it as a good thing!  

FACT: You exhale toxic chemicals for up to 2 hours after smoking. 

FACT: More smokers die from Heart Attacks than lung cancer.

FACT: Cigarettes have over 600 chemicals once lit there are over 7000 chemicals.

FACT: Emphysema and COPD cause death by drowning.

FACT: Thinking about smoking is the alarm clock; retrain the brain by redirection.

FACT: No thought can last longer than 90 seconds. Breathe through it

FACT: Hypnosis is the most effective cessation tool because it accesses the subconscious where the memory of beginning the habit lives!

download (1).jpg
"Healthy for My Baby"

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed to quit FAST and couldn't use the meds...but cold-turkey freaked me out.

Hypnosis did it!!  One session and I was a

NON-smoker again.  The identity thing made perfect sense to me.  I never really felt comfortable smoking.  I was shocked how simple it really was.  The next two sessions we worked on my relationship with food and I now am sugar-free and feeling fabulous.  My husband was so impressed he went to Linda Lee too.  We are now a Smoke-Free house for our baby girl.  We are healthier, more active, and all the $$ being saved is for the nursery and date nights!


"Being a Role-Model"

My kids were constantly on me to stop and a few weeks ago, I caught my 10 year old son lighting up behind the house!  That did it. 

The meds made me nuts, the patch didn't work.  My doctor referred me to Linda Lee.  I thought, why not?!  Cheaper than smoking and the American Cancer Society endorses it.  After being hypnotized one time, I didn't smoke all week.  After the second session, I had my own tools to use to calm my stress and they worked!  I did have to talk to myself (but I was doing that anyway!) and use the tools but the thoughts got farther apart and less often as I repeated the tools.  Went back for a 3rd session, she helped me NOT gain weight.  I am a NON-smoker and my sons are really proud of me.  

-David P-

"Sick of Feeling Sick"

Every morning I wake up coughing.  I laugh-I cough.  I sing at church-I cough.  I'm afraid all the time that the cough is cancer.  I'm sick of feeling sick.  My doctor referred me to Envision and it worked!!  In a month's time, I became a NON-smoker again and my body is already healing.  I can sing, laugh, and even climb stairs better... no coughing.  Everything tastes better.  Hypnosis is really relaxing and has had many bonus benefits for me.  I lost weight, gained confidence, joined the gym and guess what?

I felt so confident that I'm dating! 

You HAVE to give yourself this amazing gift of life.


Habits & Choices

Habits & Choices

Habits & Choices

Default Settings of the Brain

Most habits are born as coping strategies, an effort to change the way we feel or to divert our attention.  When these behaviors make us feel better temporarily (or at least we convince ourselves so), we repeat them creating a neural pathway in our brain--a memory.  The wiring grows into a web or a default setting with repetition.  But, our brains are flexible (neuro-plastic) and can be rewired into healthier behaviors.

By using a replacement behavior, you can redirect the brain's electric current into a whole new pathway and with repetition create a new healthier default.

Hypnosis is highly effective in helping you to be aware of old behaviors created long ago and to anchor in healthier more appropriate coping strategies to better serve the present you.

Remember, "just because you always did it this way doesn't mean you should have and it sure doesn't mean you have to continue.

You can change your mind AND actions at anytime!"

When the OLD way is the DONE !

images (8).jpg

Technology Time-Suck

"I couldn't get anything done anymore.  I was constantly checking my phone and posting on social media. When I tried to correct my kids, they would point out my habit. I was ineffectual as a parent.  My husband was growing resentful.  I even got warned twice at work! 

It was bad! Hypnosis stopped the behavior in the 1st session!  I used my next session for nail-biting!  My kids automatically reduced their use and my husband and I are back to holding hands when we watch tv!"


is (4).jpg

Wasting Money

"My wife and I wanted to stick to a budget which would allow us to retire earlier with more travel opportunities.  We really wanted to give this to each other.  But I kept breaking my own rules by eating out at lunch and dinner too if I worked late.  I couldn't get myself to pack a lunch! But working with Linda Lee showed me I was actually harboring some strong feelings about rules; even though I was the one setting them!! Crazy right?  Hypnosis stopped this resistance and not only am I packing healthier lunches, I've dropped 15 # and I'm more productive too! 

Italy here we come!"


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I was a SLOB!

"I had a really bad habit of throwing everything on the floor, not putting things away, or keeping things in the same place.  Being organized was not how I grew up but I loved walking into other people's houses.  I wanted that.  I would feel really weak and defeated everyday when I came home to my mess.  I couldn't invite people over.  I was really ashamed.  But Linda Lee seemed to really understand what was causing this and pretty soon I was finding myself taking on evening projects.  One closet.  One drawer.  And it wasn't hard at all.  I felt really good about myself.  I had everyone over for Christmas this year!  They loved my home.  Hypnosis was really amazing!


A.B.C.s for Students


Teenageer Boy having trouble with compli

Give Your Child


It's tough on today's students to keep up with the demands of study, testing, decision-making for the future, community involvement, sports and social performance.  Students with strong positive self-belief systems succeed more easily than those with negative and low self-esteem.  But, ALL students feel the pressure!

The A.B.C.s. Program can release stress, provide tools for performance anxiety, ego-strengthen and empower mindsets. 


Linda Lee has worked in educational settings over 35 years and is very dedicated to seeing EVERY student not only pass but exceed their own goals and enjoy learning in the process.  

Each session builds on the last providing tools and techniques to: calm and re-focus, reprogram the mind to BELIEVE in self, and increase retention/recall abilities, confidence and study skills.

Available in a 3, 6, 10 or unlimited sessions one calendar year packages. 

Student Classroom Desks
"Tests Freaked Me Out"

Getting into a really good college is a top priority for me.  I get good grades but test really stressed me out and so many times I KNEW THE ANSWERS but still got it wrong!  Mom took me to see Ms. Plank-Morgan and the second week I got a 92% on my Algebra exam!  I'm not scared now because I have tools for recalling memory and re-setting my focus.  It works!  She gave me recordings to listen to as I went to sleep that really helped reduce my stress and feel better about myself.  I have improved my focus and study habits but most of all I have confidence in myself now.  I think she really gets the challenges we face as students and wants us to succeed. 


-Kiera S

Stressed Woman
"School Made Me Sick"

It had gotten to the point that my daughter dreaded every day she had to get up and go to school.  Her anxiety would begin each night right after dinner and build as she did homework and it would end with full blown outbursts, tears, panic attacks and sometimes vomiting.  It was very stressful for the whole family.  Linda Lee gave her tools to use that instantly break her cycling and Linda Lee said would rewire her brain from the anxiety habit--a default setting in her brain.  Maria was soon looking at school very differently because she saw herself differently.  My daughter made Honor Roll this semester and tried out for the Volleyball Team.  We are so proud of her and highly recommend Envision Hypnosis.

-Elanna J-

"I Don't Fit In"

For as long as I can remember I was invisible in my life.  Some days I would do things to make them see me (mostly getting in trouble).  Most days I tried to hide, I hated it when the teacher called on me.  I was actually a pretty good athlete but wasn't included on teams.  I was really awkward and that's not a popular thing to be on any team.  The whole thing started makin me more angry and I started doing things to hurt myself.  Maybe I wanted attention, maybe I wanted help like Linda Lee suggested but it was negative attention and didn't feel good.  My mom always had my back though; but couldn't really make me feel better or change things. I don't understand how hypnosis works really but it really changed me.  The anger just went away and I started feeling and acting normal.  I stopped worrying how people saw me.  I feel a lot better.


Grief & Trauma

Grief & Trauma

Image by Kelly Sikkema
images (15)
images (1)
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images (9)

The mind that resides in the past has no connection
to the present and cannot imagine a future

Filters of grief and trauma can prevent you from making good decisions, maintaining focus and productivity, and can influence your performance and even cause irrational emotional reactions. 
If you are missing life, losing credibility and relationships, and manifesting physical, mental, and emotional dis-ease, learn tools to break the cycles of anxiety, pain, and mental fixation.  Use techniques to retrain your brain to bypass the past and reroute itself to new behaviors and thought patterns.

Release the power of your pain into light and love and
embrace the opportunity to honor those gone and your own present and future.

No Relationships for Me

My childhood was painful. 

Wow. That is the first time I've said those words.  Before, I would have said my childhood was good.  Linda Lee helped me recognize the trauma of abuse was a shield I used against anyone wanting to be close to me.  I wanted relationships so much.  But I sabotaged them all by seeing all THEIR problems.  I proudly said "I'm picky or I won't settle". I wasn't looking for the perfect person. I was avoiding the process of getting well by avoiding people.

Hypnosis was like a private door straight to the place where I was still bleeding. I stitched me up and healed me from the past forward.  I'm still nervous about intimacy but she assures me everyone is.  I trust me now. 


Can I Have Life after Death?

When my doctor handed me another prescription. I wanted to scream.  They simply weren't listening to me!  It wasn't "that kind of pain"; it was grief! It was shame and guilt.  But, hypnosis helped me.


Linda Lee never told me to "get past it or get over it."  She helped me place the pain of losing my daughter in a beautiful glass box worthy of her.  It now sits on a secret altar in my heart. 


Now, I can honor her everyday by living a happier life... without feeling guilt or selfish.  The practice of gratitude, the tools, my meditation my way, have allowed me to see what I am living for. There can be JOY while on the journey of surviving."


Illness & Quality of Life

Illness & Quality of Life

Physical Health

  • stress & anxiety

  • smoking & vaping

  • grazing & bingeing

  • sugar & carbs

  • exercise & movement

Physical Health: Heart Health; Obesity; Diabetes; Digestive and Reproductive Disorders: IBS, Diverticulitis, Reflux, GERD, Endometriosis, IC; Sleeping Difficulties: Insomnia, Racing Brain, Anxiety;  Immune System and Inflammatory Issues: Fibromyalgia, CFS, Brain, Arthritis; Cancer and dire illness.

Healthcare Support Hypnosis and Mindful Living tools and strategies can minimize symptoms, reduce side effects of treatments, and increase the quality of life.

Mind-body medicine includes techniques that link physical health with psychological wellness. Think of it as your immune system “eavesdropping” on your internal or psychological environment.


When your mind and spirit are healthy, your energy can be directed toward physical healing and recovery. 


During hypnosis, you replace limited self-beliefs with empowered mindsets to provide whole body an unlimited supply of power for change, growth and healing.

Mental Health

  • insomnia

  • mindsets

  • negative self-talk

  • focus & memory

  • procrastination

EMotional Health

  • low self-esteem

  • limiting self-beliefs

  • skewed self-image

  • trust & intimacy issues

  • self-destructive choices

Our emotional level is responsible for the type of brain chemicals being released into our body.  Negative emotions create toxic chemicals; Positive emotional states create tonic healing chemicals. A toxic imbalance  can lead to anxiety, isolation, procrastination, depression and even early death through physical manifestations such as stress-related diseases.

Hypnosis and Mindful Living tools and strategies create a natural healing environment in the whole person by naturally balancing brain chemistry.

Chronic pain and illness can create walls between us and our spiritual level/life.  But, it can also become the catalyst for tremendous growth and liberation, spiritually speaking.  It is proven those who cultivate an inner life, through visualization, regular forms of breathing and meditation, prayer, and/or introspection experience less pain, heal faster, and live a higher quality of life.  Experience the spiritual part of your subconscious mind to create inner peace.

At Envision Hypnosis, you will find a caring, patient, and

non-judgmental "ear".  It is YOUR TIME here for healing, balancing, rejuvenating, and maybe even some venting!  

It's a safe place amidst the chaos.

Spiritual Health

  • peace & calm

  • meditation & mindfulness

  • prayer & introspection

  • reconciliation & resolution

  • transition support

Senior Citizen Exercise Class


My doctor told me my fibromyalgia was a chronic pain that I would need to simply accept in my life and upped my pain meds again.  I was so frustrated.  A friend had gone to Envision Hypnosis for pain in her shoulder and to reduce anxiety and suggested I try it.  I did and it really helped.  My range of motion has increased and I'm more active.  The level of pain has been cut by half so I'm out doing more.  The activity has helped.  The biggest change is I no longer sit in a depressed mind.  I am happier every day and I feel like I'm in a more positive cycle.  Doing more makes me feel more productive and happy and the happier I feel the less I hurt; the less I hurt the more I want to do.  So it's been a really good experience for me. 


Young African woman suffering from a ter

Migraine Relief

I've been a migraine sufferer since I was 12 years old.  There are many different things that set one off: barometric pressure, pollen, dry air, food allergies, hormones, etc.   These are migraines that last for days, bed-ridden with vomiting in the dark!  Hypnosis was a last ditch effort.  The meds the doctors were ordering only made my heart race and turned my already upset stomach.  I was desperate.  Linda Lee treated me like an emergency, worked me in within an hour of the call, and took me into a deep relaxed state.  It actually felt like being in a dream while awake!  I was aware of the room and sounds the whole time and yet she asked if I might like to lie back in healing water.  I floated and released the pain and nausea from the bottom of my feet and palms!  I could see this black oil floating on the surface of the blue water.  Just floating, deep breathing, and releasing.  My 2 week headache was gone in 40 minutes!  I use the healing waters every night and manage my headaches.  I've learned so much from this experience.  


Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Train

Sugar Free Zone

Last year's physical was a wake-up call, no longer PRE-diabetic, I was full-blown Type II; my A1C was over 9!  I watched my mom and grandmother die from diabetes and I wasn't going out that way.  I went to the classes and really tried to control the sugar cravings, but I wasn't winning.  Linda Lee was really patient with me.  I was really resistant to giving up sugar because I felt like I was being punished and deprived.  I wouldn't listen to the recordings or use the tools she taught me.  But one night I collapsed.  I woke up in the ER and Linda Lee was standing next to me.  My husband had called her and there she was!  I was embarrassed to admit to her I was failing but she just kept saying "you aren't... you're learning"; I guess I was but the hard way.  I was lucky I hadn't slipped into a coma.  No longer resistant the hypnosis simply worked; sugar and carbs really are poison.  I could see the real cycle wasn't "emotional eating or rewarding" it was "self-punishment".  I didn't love me enough to honor my body.  She always said "no one would give up sugar for someone they didn't like!"  But I accepted myself a little more with each session and used my tools; my A1C is now under 5!  In less than a year, I'm in the normal range and meds-free.  My life is a sugar-free zone and my body shed weight and I feel like a new person.  I run now!  


Today, I choose joy--

When I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia, Linda Lee (LiLee to me) said "I'll be with you for the long haul" and she has been.  She has whispered in my ear and held my hand during many Bone Marrow biopsies (blocking the pain), my transplant (14 hours--balancing temperature and stopping nausea), over a year of infusion therapies, good news and bad, and she held me through the really hard decisions.  I even trusted her to shave my head!!  We have laughed, cried, and screamed together.  I couldn't have gotten this far without her. 

She improved the quality of my life.

Trish Smith

Love in Memoriam

I would like to share my love and gratitude to Trish Smith for the honor and opportunity to go through a 2 year journey with her; from diagnosis to transition August 4, 2016.  

"You remain my teacher, friend, and inspiration.  Soar high with peace.


Fly gently into the mystic, you beautiful soul.  It was a blast walking beside you."


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